THE LIVING DYNAMICS CIRCLE SDN BHD or TLDC mission is focused on empowering individuals and organizations to realize and actualize their full potential by using the latest cutting edge learning technology and tools. We provide:
  • Training Programs
  • Certification Programs
  • Coaching services
  • L.E.A.P. Circles
We believe that empowerment is achieved through mastery in three areas:-
  • Mastering Self
  • Mastering Relationships
  • Mastering Abundance

By utilizing high-impact, breakthrough processes, our participants experience both immediate and long term changes that include higher incomes, greater net worth, more committed relationships, true power and a sense of inner peace.

TLDC seminars are taught using high-involvement, accelerated learning techniques that allow participants to learn faster, remember more and have tons of fun (all the while dramatically enhancing their lives).
If there is one word to describe TLDC philosophy, that word is "PASSIONATE!" Our seminars are extraordinary however we believe it's what you do and what happens in your life after the seminar that really counts!

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BFM 89.9 is a 24 hour radio station focused on business news and topics. Freda Liu, BFM 89.9 presenter interviewed our Trainer, Mr. Anthony Pinto, a certified Neuro-Semantics and NLP Trainer, he is also an MIM and HRDF Certified Professional Trainer, on Self Actualization. Goto to listen for the previous interview.

....awakening to life!